Jason Crapo has built a stable and loyal network of log and raw veneer suppliers around the globe. These veneer supplier relationships in over thirty countries allow Jason to locate and acquire rare species of veneer when they first become available .

Vertically integrated veneer manufacturer located in Southern Indiana. Our state of the art manufacturing facility can produce some of the highest quality and unique examples of custom veneer work in the world.  Best lead times in the business. By having redundancy within our equipment and manufacturing capabilities, as well as access to the best veneer, we can meet delivery schedules . The manufacturing process will allow us to receive and fill an order within a 1-2 week timespan, while the rest of the industry operates in 3-4 week intervals. This is a significant distinction and offsets potential daily losses for planes waiting for additional interior supplies.


C1™ - the next generation of fire protection - This patented and proprietary product is 4.5x more flexible than 3-PLY veneer, compatible with 3x the number of species, all at comparable pricing 

Architectural Veneers, Aircraft Interiors, Stone Veneers, Yacht interiors and Military Installations 


                                                                   SUSTAINABLE HARVESTING THROUGH INDIGNEOUS PARTNERSHIPS